With the end of GA3, the last day for collecting new data in Google Analytics Universal Analytics (aka, GA3) has passed, and this didn’t go down well with lots of publishers.

According to a poll, which asked publishers whether they are ready for the switch or not, the response says that many publishers weren’t yet prepared.

Google’s John Mueller published a poll asking, ‘Ready for GA4?’

Which shows:

Yes, bring it on 27.1%
Not yet 39%
Is something happening? 12.8%
Definitely a “maybe” 21%

The poll results tell a high 39% of respondents are “Not yet” ready, with only about 27% confidently reporting that they are.

Have a look at another poll result by Google Analytics expert Krista Seiden asking, ‘Are you ready for the switch to GA4? (Please only answer if you are using Universal Analytics and considering what’s next.)’

Yes, GA4 is setup 41%
No! But GA4 is setup 34.8%
No! GA4 is not setup 9.4%
I’m leaving GA altogether 14.8%

These poll results show that 41% say they are ready, while 59% are in some phase of not ready or else planning to leave Google Analytics altogether.

A few days before the end of GA3, MARTECH reported that a majority of sites (28M compared to 11M) were still using UA.