Google admits that it made a mistake in an effort to remove local reviews. Violating its policies and guidelines, Google’s automated system removed local guide reviews. Now they are working on restoring the incorrectly removed reviews.

Google says, “In the last few weeks, our protections took down more than expected policy-abiding reviews from a set of Local Guides. We’ve also closely followed the conversations on Connect around unpublished reviews, and we acknowledge that this change has affected a lot of
your accounts.

Google has announced an update to its safeguards to address the problem of fake reviews. In addition, if they determine that a review is fake, they will automatically reinstate it “over the next few weeks.” However, some reviews may remain private if the content violates their policies.

You can request a human review by filling out a form if your review has not yet been reinstated. Here is the link to it –> Click here.