Considering the growing popularity of online retail shopping, Microsoft Advertising is now looking for ways to help retail partners make the most of it.

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Here’s an announcement they made last month:

“…the availability of free Product Listings, which allow you to show your product offers for free on the Bing Shopping Tab starting in the USA and soon rolling out to other markets — United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany.”

Steps to Enable Product Listings

  • Customers that are already a part of Microsoft Shopping Campaigns do not need to take any action in order to participate. Microsoft Merchant Center automatically opts in all the approved product offers.
  • If you’re not already a part of the campaign, simply create a Microsoft Merchant Center store, submit all products that are eligible, and make sure they are approved. Once the Merchant Center store is successfully created, you’re opted-in to the free Product Listings offering.
  • All the approved products get reflected in the free products listings section on the Bing Shopping Tab.

Things to Know

  • Product Listings reporting will be available in Microsoft Merchant Center by this fall.
  • To avail all the benefits of Product Listings, you should send a complete product feed, along with your entire inventory and more fields, to provide a rich data source.
  • Clicks from the Product Listings section within the Shopping Tab are free of cost.
  • All products are required to:
    • Abide by Microsoft Advertising policies and Product Ads policies
    • Meet the product specification requirements (similar to paid ads today)
  • To opt out of receiving this free traffic, you can click off “Show Free Product Listings” through the Settings page of your merchant center store in the shopping tab.

Bing is looking forward to partnering with more retailers in order to offer a wider selection of products.

Actions to Take

For more information, click here! You can send in your queries and feedback to Microsoft Advertising account manager, or email them directly at You can also reach out to us for assistance.

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