It is decided that we are marching into the future with AI by our side. From academics to professions, and businesses to trades, it is going to accompany us everywhere like butter with bread. It is already conversing with us like humans via text, quenching all our curiosities, answering every question, and trying to ease our lives by providing necessary information. And talking about making the most of it, Microsoft has confirmed its multi-billion-dollar investment in Open AI, the parent company of Chat GPT and DALLE 2,
in an attempt to make Bing (Microsoft’s search engine) great again!

ChatGPT is a language model that generates human-like responses to prompts after being trained on a large dataset of text. DALLE 2 is an AI system that creates realistic visuals and art from natural language descriptions. Both are impressive with their capabilities and are only going to get better with the millions of inputs and feedback they get from users using their beta versions.

Considering all of this, some people are hoping that Bing will end the monopoly of the kingpin of search, Google. But some naysayers are pretty clear that it will not. A ChatGPT-powered search engine would be able to keep users almost entirely on-site because ChatGPT will have absorbed the majority of the content uploaded on the web, eliminating the need for anyone to visit a website.

But we think that a ChatGPT-powered Bing would add to Bing’s algorithms rather than replace them. That’s because the language model has only been trained on a limited set of data (so far), and it isn’t yet focused on real-time events or e-commerce products and services.

So, yes, the opinions are divided. But interestingly, ChatGPT has answered this question when asked what the user experience would be like on Bing when it gets incorporated with it.


Well, we can only wait to see how good this new development will turn out to be, but it sure is exciting! In addition, there are talks about the rest of Microsoft’s products and how Microsoft can supercharge them by including ChatGPT and DALLE2’s capabilities.

Whatever happens, among the confusion and anticipation, one thing is certain: we are going to look to AI for almost everything, more than ever. And this makes us scream, “What a time to be alive!”