We have been busy working on our platform and updating our technology, and have some good news to share. Here are few important updates:

− Late last year, we realized that search engines like Bing were getting more aggressive in banning bots. This affected our keyword ranking (SERP tracking) module. We did some brainstorming and came up with the idea that, in order to get the most accurate results, we would have our technology replicate actual human visitor behavior. It’s with great pleasure and excitement that we are announcing this new SERP tracking technology for Bing keyword tracking. We hope to slowly use this technology for Google rankings, audits, and other key areas to future proof our results.

− In addition to regular search results, we will prioritize the tracking of other important sections in Bing SERP, including “People Also Ask“, Video, and Image search results, and show them on our dashboard.

− One of the most requested features by agencies, apart from the Local Map pack in Google SERPs, we are moving one step further to track local rankings by detecting your client’s website presence in Google Maps results.

− Keyword opportunities are always a great KPI you can show clients. We will be introducing a new section to show “suggested search keywords” for each keyword we are tracking. This offers additional keywords we can target and rank, increasing traffic to the website.

− Tracking multiple business names for a single business is difficult. So far, our system could track rankings for only a single business name. We will improve this system to track more than one name for a particular business. This gives us a chance to show more keywords that are ranking for a business.

− Scan your client’s website health for 100+ harmful issues with our much-improved, high-speed SEO crawler. Our advanced crawler will identify issues on your website that might be limiting its rankings. This should help make your client’s website more search-friendly, therefore improving rankings.

− Crawler audit data will also be introduced on a “per page” basis, giving accurate information about a particular page in addition to the whole website. This gives us a chance to resolve SEO errors at a minute level.

− Our website monitoring system is getting an overhaul with more accurate information. Our improved, reliable website uptime/downtime monitoring system will instantly alert you via email if your website goes down.

If you have any requests for new features or improvements in existing modules, please feel free to reach out to us.

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